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Recorded in December 1959, the Dreamstreet tapes sat unreleased while Garner fought for control over his catalog. Finally issued in 1961 as the first product of his newly formed Octave Records, it heralded Garner’s return with a set of performances worthy of the wait. A new Garner original, “By Chance,” has been added to the remastered release, restored from the original session reels.

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This album marks the release of the first new work recorded by Erroll Garner in almost three years. After a history-making hiatus from recording, Garner is here, playing, with the greatest freedom of his noteworthy recording career. These sides embody some of the most spirited, inventive, and moving Garner performances ever recorded.

Garner had unprecedented freedom in recording these works, a circumstance for which he, as a prolific improviser, has long striven. Time was no factor: there was room to experiment stretch out, and just "blow"-with complete surety that no material would be released without his personal approval. Garner reveled in this atmosphere as is evidenced by the material herein.

These sides are part of the work recorded by Garner and his accompanists on two successive nights. The first night, they played from 10 p.m. to 6:30 a.m.


...his own striking style...has grown more meanigful over the years...there is more depth to what Garner is now playing than ever before