Christian Sands' Guide To NIGHTCONCERT - Part Two

Creative ambassador and co-producer of the Nightconcert record, pianist Christian Sands leads listeners on a song-by-song journey through side B of Erroll Garner's midnight recording at Amsterdam's Concertgebouw.

photo by Drew Gurian

photo by Drew Gurian

Erroll Garner and Nightconcert represent possibilities. He has a full grasp of all musical styles, and you can hear it through his compositions and arrangements on this album.
— Christian Sands



With a bold and grooving solo introduction, we turn to an infectious and imaginative Night And Day. The trio adds an interesting swinging mambo feel to this arrangement that must have had the audience dancing in their seats.



©1932 [w+m] Cole Porter | WB Music Corp (ASCAP)


I absolutely love the beginning of this version of Cheek To Cheek. EG shows how adventurous and open he can be, dabbing into a variety of harmonies and moods. He doesn’t stay in any one for too long, but it’s thrilling to hear him embrace the avant-garde. We can also detect a nice shout-out to fellow pianist Thelonious Monk with the I Mean You quote.


©1935 [w+m] Irving Berlin | Irving Berlin Music Company (ASCAP)


With the avant-garde still in mind, this number begins in an ominous-sounding harmonic progression before segueing into a surprisingly teasing and playful moment, showcasing EG’s comfort on and command of the stage. We eventually fall into a dark, heavy, walking ballad with big chords and a big attitude—one with an easy, blues-drenched groove.


©1937 [w+m] Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart Chappell & Co., Inc. ; Williamson Music Co. (ASCAP)


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