Nightconcert 55th Anniversary Giveaway


On November 7th, 1964, Erroll Garner recorded a midnight performance at the Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. In 2018, the recording was restored and remastered as “Nightconcert”. Today, we are excited to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the Nightconcert performance with a special vinyl and CD giveaway!

To enter, simply submit your information on the form below. We will announce the winner via email on November 22.


Grand Prize:

  • Nightconcert Deluxe Vinyl

  • Nightconcert Poster

  • Ready Take One CD

(4) Runner Up Prizes:

  • Nightconcert CD

  • Ready Take One CD

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Nightconcert is available on all major streaming platforms and retailers: Spotify | Apple Music | Amazon


We’ve been thrilled with the worldwide response to Erroll Garner’s new NIGHTCONCERT album. Check out some of our favorites below and be sure to leave us your review on Amazon or facebook.

’Garner shows how aware he is of new ideas and how keen he is to embrace them. And they are brief; what took Coltrane 30 minutes, Garner does in 30 seconds. Then plays a pretty tune as a sweetener. The songs may be lovely, but Garner’s subversions are radical. Challenging but charming, this is a sublime souvenir of a genius at work.’ – The Times (UK)

‘With “Nightconcert,” we now have a Garner performance spring-loaded with his most captivating keyboard tricks. As evidenced by the recording, he made sure his fans left delighted.’  - Wall Street Journal



‘Looks like this is the season for discovering lost jazz masterpieces … There’s a beauty here, greeted by the invariable round of applause.  That rare thing, genuine musical wit, it never failed.’ – The Observer (UK)

‘It's the jazz equivalent of finding a Van Gogh or a Ming vase in the attic: the discovery of a complete 1964 perfectly recorded concert by one of the music's greatest virtuoso solo pianists.' – All About Jazz (FR)

‘Erroll Garner's exuberance and love for his instrument, his music, his players, and his audience breaks today's poisoned and polarized air from the very first note of "Where or When" from Nightconcert … Put simply, this is a must listen. A must have.” - All About Jazz

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