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This was Garner’s first live concert album after his chart-topping Concert by the Sea, recorded seven years earlier. A tour-de-force performance makes this a worthy successor, complete with his trademark improvisational fireworks. This new presentation includes extended introductions as well as an unreleased version of the Garner ballad “Other Voices,” which has never been issued in a trio arrangement.

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About the album... Erroll Garner's “unprogrammed” programs have become highlights of the concert circuit throughout the world. His extemporizations have left audiences of all tastes, ages, backgrounds and listening experience cheering for more. Garner becomes totally involved with his audiences everywhere.


One World Concert is Garner's first in-person concert recording in seven years. The long-awaited live concert album was recorded at the Seattle World's Fair Playhouse during his week-long concert there. The festive atmosphere which permeated the Fair is reflected in the performance here. For this album, Garner himself spent several weeks making selections from twelve hours of recorded material.

Garner's performance in One World Concert exemplifies the uninhibited, imaginative drive and spontaneity which singularly characterize the pianist's concerts.

The collection gives true insight into the universality of Garner's inner harmony -his communication impact and appeal. Possibly the most widely-imitated pianist in contemporary music, authentic Garner is unparalleled, as is evidenced here.

The sequencing in One World Concert is typical of Garner's pacing – with its surprises, climaxes, creative explosions, mysterious introductions, melodic delineations and whimsical codas. The sound quality is at optimum because of the rare circumstance of being able to record Garner consecutively for several nights in the same auditorium. Listening fidelity has been faithfully preserved. All the creative chemistry of Garner in-person has been captured here – down to the Garner "growls," "hums," and "shouts” of “punctuation" and exhortation.

From the opening grand cadenzas of “The Way You Look Tonight” to the final encore, “Thanks For The Memory,” each number is an adventure. "Sweet and Lovely” stands to become an all-time classic rendition. Garner's left hand approach reflects the aural spectrum of authentic folk sources of his early years: from the riverboats to the revival tents.

"Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe" shows Garner as master of the ballad genre, with his unique left hand signature of “double stops.” “Movin' Blues," a Garner opus composed on-the-spot, introduces new riffs, using a "freight train” left hand attack.

Garner's two part inventions combined with his poly-rhythms sound like four hands in action. Through it all, bassist Eddie Calhoun and percussionist Kelly Martin joyously interplay with the pianist in a kind of clairvoyance. “Mack the Knife" and "Lover Come Back to Me” further demonstrate Garner's marvelous élan, freedom and swing. The audience response to a Garner concert is tumultuous, with Garner throwing bouquets of encores back to the enthusiastic audiences. His musical ad lib tid-bits, as in “Dancing Tambourine,” are savored by both listener and artist. And what curtain speech could be more eloquent than Garner's heartfelt acknowledgment of "Thanks for the Memory".

Universally embraced is the music of Erroll Garner. A leading exponent of the American idiom in contemporary music, Garner's work reflects many of the most basic qualities of our time. His is one of the most individual and vital musical voices of the 20th Century. Garner has found in his music the profundity of inner harmony and joy. His music is in step with the natural rhythm and harmony of life. This, Garner feels, is the function of his music – to translate and enliven the human landscape – wherever, whenever…

One World Concert is a rare musical excursion. The at-home listener can join with audiences around the globe for an authentic, one-of-a-kind Erroll Garner concert experience.


Erroll Garner’s One World Concert is for everyone. It’s a musical world loaded with exuberance, free-wheeling pianistics and an individual imaginative style....the sound control has recording studio discipline and yet retains the uninhibited excitement that comes over in live performance.
— VARIETY; 1963